Webcomics Calvin and Hobbes fans would enjoy

Sandra and Woo by Novril and Powree

Sandra and Woo comic

The Sandra and Woo webcomic is about a girl Sandra and her talking pet raccoon Woo. Written by Oliver Knörzer and drawn by Powree, Sandra and Woo is inspired and heavily influenced by Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. It features slightly more adult-oriented humor that children may not appreciate.

Here's a sample strip with Woo relaxing that I found amusing. I also liked these two strips about investment opportunities in derivatives of derivatives and onto the next big thing. It provides an interesting spin on how humans are always pursuing the next get-rich-quick scams. This is what got our nation into our current financial crisis. Bankers never heeded Warren Buffet's warning that derivatives are weapons of mass destruction before it was too late.

Bear and Tiger by Robert Quinn

Bear and Tiger comic

The Bear and Tiger webcomic is a new comic strip about a Siberian military output manned by a Captain Tiger and Corporal Bear. Captain Tiger is pretty nutty, which is what makes the strip so entertaining.

Here's one making fun of competitive eating that I liked. And here's another one of the Yeti joining the People's Army of Russia. Bob just introduced more hilarity into his comic by bringing Laika, the drunken space dog on board.

Precocious by Christopher J Paulsen

Precocious comic

The Precocious webcomic by Chris Paulsen is a conversation-driven webcomic about a bunch of gifted children and their antics. As an example of the trouble gifted children sometimes get themselves into, here's a strip about a surprise legal bill.

Chris often has very interesting things to say about parenting, especially of gifted children. For example, the most recent webcomic update jokes about how neglecting children sometimes results in more capable independent children. In a way, he's poking fun at all the parents who pamper their kids with hourly attention in hopes of giving them a head start in life.

Precocious was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes and other great cartoons like Peanuts, Ozy and Millie, Bloom County, and Fox Trot.