About Us

What is Kidjutsu?

Kidjutsu [kid-joot-soo] is a kids comics directory where kids can find and read comics online for free. We have collected the best all-ages kid-friendly webcomics on the web into one convenient place.

What can I do on Kidjutsu?

At Kidjutsu, you can browse a large selection of comics for kids brought to you by the best webcomics and manga creators. Every comic on our site has been screened and marked with an appropriate age rating. You can experience each comic using our high-resolution, fast-loading, super-responsive digital comic reader. You can read comics in fullscreen, zoom in on your favorite panels, and also bookmark your favorite comics. Most importantly, you can read all these comics online for free.

What is our vision?

Our goal is to introduce kids to cool comics on the web. Reading comics is an excellent activity for kids on a rainy day. It encourages them to read for enjoyment and to exercise their budding imaginations.

More on this vision

Introducing reluctant readers to comics is a very effective way to get them to read. Many teachers, librarians, and parents are realizing this. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Bone, Naruto, Bleach, and other popular manga are examples of comics that kids just can't get enough of. Unfortunately, comic books as a medium has moved away from the originally intended audience to an older, more-established audience. This "adultification" of comics and rising cover prices have made comics completely inaccessible to kids today.

By building Kidjutsu, we hope to provide a more accessible supplement to the children's books and all-ages graphic novels that kids are already reading. As we grow, we will focus heavily on child-appropriateness, parental filters, and most importantly being a gateway to the imagination. We already have one of the largest assortments of all-ages comics for kids on the web.

Kidjutsu opened to the public shortly before Thanksgiving of 2008 with over 60 comics from 15 talented webcomics creators. More creators join every day and the success of the site is as much a result of these creators' hard work as it is the software development we do in the background.

Kidjutsu - Comics for Kids Mascot
What is a jutsu?

Jutsu is the Japanese word for "skill" or "technique". Ninjas like those in the popular Naruto manga spend years to hone their array of jutsus. Like ninjas in training, Kidjutsu will be a constantly improving website.

I love your mascot. Who designed it?

We do too! Our ninja fox mascot and Kidjutsu logo was designed by Marina Neira, the creator of the Paleo webcomic.

Who are we?

Kidjutsu was started by Brian, a software engineer with prior startup experience. You can reach him by email at brian@kidjutsu.com.

Enough about us, it's time to read some comics. Just choose a comic and go!