Title: Alexandria
Subtitle: Anachronism Incarnate
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Alexandre Ilitchev
Alexandria; Anachronism Incarnate is a comic created to commemorate this brilliant but regrettably forgotten ancient city. The city of Alexandria is somewhat of a lost treasure simply because it has been so overlooked by modern-day scholars even though in many ways it rivals the leviathans of the classical world; Rome and Athens. Alexandria was home to not one but two world marvels; the Pharos and the Museum, each unique and anachronistic, marvels of technology and education. Not only that but it was host to a plethora of races and religions which together sparked both conflict and incredible intellectual advancement. The story of Alexandria; Anachronism Incarnate begins somewhere around 70 AD at which point the might of the Roman Empire had swept across the Mediterranean and consumed the Ptolemaic rulers who had controlled the city since it was conceived by Alexander the Great. A young Greek polymath, Amicus Imaginarius, guides the reader through the history and streets of Alexandria, highlighting key events and developments from the past, the present, and even the future.