Contradiction Volume 01, Issue #02

Title: Contradiction
Volume: 01
Issue Number: 02
Subtitle: Light and Darkness
Page Count: 17
Total Views: 10681


Ki Hiwatari
Ruya Saki received an invitation to attend Teiou Gakuen, the famous school for magic users inside the mysterious town of Setsuyamachi. Not knowing the reason why she was invited, Ruya took her first step into this unfamiliar place. The first thing she met as soon as she entered was the welcome from two bad guys who fired Light magic at her. A mysterious guy saved her afterwards and led her to her destination. Being a new student in Teiou Gakuen, Ruya met many new friends and rivals. Toshino Eiji, the president of the Light department which she joined, was a cheerful and generous leader. Oppositely, the president of the other department, whom Ruya recognized as the guy she met on her first day, was cold and irritating. How will Ruya cope with the big difference and tension between the two departments? Soon, she will discover about the reasons behind the attitudes and feelings of the different people around her...