GAAK, Issue #5

Title: GAAK
Issue Number: 5
Subtitle: It's like "The Goonies" meet "The Invaders from Mars"
Page Count: 31
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Darryl Hughes
Monique MacNaughton
Eden'sVille, Maryland is a typical Norman Rockwell-esque small suburban town that you probably couldn't find with a map and an Indian guide. It's the place that geeky Zach, tomboyish Jemmy, wisecracking Chubs, and genius nerd Plato call home. But one dark night threatens to turn Eden's Ville into Roswell by the bay. <p> The U.S. military tracks a giant meteor on a collision course with earth. But this is no ordinary meteor. It does tricks--Like dodging missiles. The army tracks the meteors descent to a small suburban town in Maryland (Eden'sVille), where Zach witnesses it crash land on the outskirts of town, bringing with it the kooky maniacal, Jim Carey-like alien Gakk and his posse of "Acme Instant Alien Kreatures" for a not-so-friendly visit to Earth. <p> The uber-paranoid Clint Eastwood-like military leader General Patton and his long-suffering second in command Colonel Schultz prepare the U.S. armed forces for "Operation: No room at the Alien" to deal with the alien invasion threat posed by Gakk and his Pod Critters, and the alien armada coming to help them bring the earth to it's knees. As Eden'sVille becomes plagued by sudden "strange disappearances," Zach, Jemmy, Plato, and Chubs set out to stop the invasion, save the world, and show the aliens that the kids of America don't take crap from nobody--And no body snatchers, either! <p> ISSUE #5 <p> As Eden'sVille becomes plagued by sudden "strange disappearances", Zach, Jemmy, Plato, and Chubs use Plato's homemade super computer and go on AOL to send an SOS to rally the support of the Eden'sVille kids against the aliens.