Esther Chuah
Catalyst is a magical, bitter fantasy story about a woman who isn't so young anymore, her illness, and her obsession with curing it. <p> <hr> <p> Kai’ is small, blind, utterly adores her big brother, and aside from a funny tattoo that she picked up somewhere, has absolutely no complications in her life at all.<p> That is, until a lady sends a pack of soldiers after her, because she wants that tattoo. <p> And then a pack of foxes come after her, who also really want that tattoo. <p> And the foxes kill all the soldiers and drag Kai and her brother off. <p> And the lady kills the foxes. <p> Now little Kai’ is the rope in a tug of war where she doesn’t have a clue where she is, or what the heck is the tattoo all about, or what it can do, or more importantly - what on earth she’s going to do.
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