Edepth Angel


Edepth Angel
Christine Y. Chong
In the future, even machines and mighty cyborgs will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in the job position, her name is Angel Love. The year is 2177 AD. Large areas on the surface of earth have become deserts. Human seek resources and energy from the oceans, developed underwater cities, and started large scale enviromental projects. Seon Robotic Engineering Corp. is one of the leading companies in robot, cyborg developments. Its famed mech pilot Lien Lei is seeking for a new Techno Nurse for cyborgs after firing eight nurses. To his surprise, his new nurse Angel Love is a girl who could be mistaken as a pre-school student. Morever, the energetic nurse declared “I’ll save the cyborg’s world!” on the first day of work... “ She is out of her mind...